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Maine Domestic Violence Service Data

Below follows a summary of fiscal year 2013 data from MCED, our member resource centers, and some of our partners. Access a printable PDF here.


2013 Report

MCEDV is committed to ensuring safety for victims of domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. MCEDV supports self-sufficiency for survivors and holds abusers accountable for their actions through coordinated community response. MCEDV provides services for adults, children, schools, businesses and communities affected by domestic violence, dating violence and stalking, for all counties in Maine including:

  • Direct services such as safety planning, crisis response, emergency shelter, transitional housing and housing assistance, court and individual advocacy, financial planning and child centered services.
  • Prevention, education and training for Maine schools, employers, health systems, faith communities and other community groups.

MCEDV (the coalition office) located in Augusta provides statewide public awareness, prevention education and training, technical assistance and advocacy including the voices of victims, providers, stakeholders and community members in policy planning.

Resource center service statistics:

Member resource centers provided 88,820 service contacts with 13,258 people affected by domestic abuse in 2013. 12,610 were adults and 648 were children. In addition to services at the resource centers, MCEDV domestic violence advocates placed in Maine Child Protective Services offices, served 560 survivors involved with CPS in the first six months of 2013 and provided 769 consultations for CPS caseworkers. Services included:

  • 37,084 hotline calls
  • 39,741 in-person contacts at member sites
  • 757 people were sheltered for an aggregate total of 26,677 nights by MCEDV resource centers. Of those sheltered, 452 were adults and 437 were children. 835 requests for shelter were unmet due to service limitations.
  • 12,501 people received non-shelter advocacy services including; individual and court advocacy, transitional housing, support group, economic advocacy. Of those who received services 12,158 were adults and 343 were children.

Member resource centers experienced an increase in requests for services and a decrease in funding during this year. Increased public awareness of the issue may be a factor increasing the demand for services. 835 requests for shelter were unmet due to lack of resources in 2013. Additional resources are necessary to respond to the survivors of violence asking for our help in finding safety and creating sustainable lives.

In addition to the core direct services, MCEDV resource centers provided prevention and education services for schools and communities.

  • 39,973 youth participated in 2,065 education presentations
  • 23,510 adults participated in 2,316 training/education events
  • 2,043 local public awareness events were held

MCEDV member domestic violence resource centers are funded by a range of federal, state, local and private donation sources, leveraging each source to create the seamless, full service, resource center model that is much greater than any of its parts.

MCEDV and its member resource centers are community based and community governed. Community Volunteers are a vital part of our organizations:

  • 585 trained advocacy volunteers donated 30,737 hours of service, in addition to other volunteer time not linked to advocacy service delivery.
  • Community Boards provide governance to all member resource centers.

Domestic Violence in Maine: Criminal Statistics

  • Domestic violence assaults represented 47.4% of all Assaults reported to law enforcement in 2012 including 5,593 arrests for domestic violence crimes, an increase of 4.3% over 2011.
  • One criminal domestic violence assault was reported every one hour and 34 minutes in 2012. Many other assaults were not reported to law enforcement.
  • There were 24 homicides in Maine in 2013: 11 were domestic violence related. Maine DV homicides average consistently between 45 and 55% of the total.

National Network to End Domestic Violence Census: 2012 Maine Report

On just one day in September 2012, Maine domestic violence resource centers reported:

  • 463 victims served in one day
  • 222 domestic violence victims found refuge in emergency shelters or transitional housing provided by local domestic violence programs
  • 241 adults and children received non-residential assistance and services, including individual counseling, legal advocacy, and children’s support groups