Statewide Domestic Violence Helpline: 1-866-83-4HELPHearing Impaired: Use Maine Telecommunications Relay Service: 1-800-437-1220

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24-Hour Helpline

Call us anytime: 1-866-834-HELP.

The helpline is free, confidential, and available to anyone who is affected by domestic abuse. That means victims, friends, family members, coworkers and community members—anyone with any questions about domestic violence can call.

You will be connected to an advocate at your local domestic violence resource center. That advocate will talk with you about your experience and will help you think about what your next steps might be.

If you are experiencing abuse, don’t worry—the advocate isn’t there to tell you what to do. No matter where you are at—whether you are trying to figure out how to stay safe while living with an abusive partner, are planning to leave, or are seeking support for past abuse—the hotline advocate’s job is to listen without judgment, and to help you sort out a plan that works for you.

We know speaking out can be scary. Revealing what is happening in your relationship isn’t easy. That’s why we are here: To listen. To support. To believe. And to help.