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Economic Justice & Workplace Response to Abuse

Behind fear, domestic violence victims frequently cite income, employment and financial stability as the strongest, most immediate deterrents to leaving abusive situations.

The devastation of leaving a home, income, benefits and economic security behind are scenarios that all victims of domestic violence must overcome, regardless of their education, job skills and personal earning potential, if they are to care for their families and live more safe and secure lives.

The struggles of victims and survivors of domestic violence for economic empowerment reverberate throughout every community in this nation. Survivors and current victims of domestic violence are over-represented in the welfare population and many women and children are homeless because of domestic violence.

                                                     The Allstate Foundation


MCEDV and the member resource centers throughout the state recognize the vital role economic security plays for people affected by domestic violence.

Together, we are committed to promoting and establishing economic justice for victims.

Our efforts include providing: 

  • Support and education for survivors of domestic violence.
  • Consultation and training for the employment community regarding the impact of domestic violence in the workplace.
  • Education in Maine communities with the goal of ending domestic violence and raising awareness of the complex barriers victims face.
  • Collaboration with other organizations working towards increased economic justice for all Maine residents.

Whether helping employers develop comprehensive responses to address abuse in the workplace setting, or providing economic education to families in transition, our work in this arena emphasizes the necessary connection between victim safety and economic concerns. It is impossible to separate issues of economic justice from an understanding of domestic violence and safety planning.

Available Resources:

  • Allstate Moving Ahead Through Financial Management Curriculum (for survivors) MCEDV received an Allstate Foundation grant to implement the Moving Ahead Curriculum. The member resource centers have trained staff who can help survivors of domestic violence achieve economic self-sufficiency through education and support. Please contact your local domestic resource center or MCEDV for information about how to access this help.
  • Maine Employers Against Domestic Violence (for employers and communities) Domestic abuse doesn’t stay at home. It frequently follows both abusers and victims to work, and can have a serious impact on a victim’s ability to retain employment. MCEDV provides toolkits, training and policy development consultation in order to foster a comprehensive workplace response to domestic violence.

We are grateful to The Allstate Foundation, the Maine Department of Labor, the Maine Women's Fund, Bath Iron Works and the Verizon Foundation for their generous support of these efforts.