Free CLE Training for Attorneys Interested in Assisting Survivors of Abuse

Free CLE Training for Attorneys Interested in Assisting Survivors of Abuse

Survivors’ access to legal representation in civil court reduces the probability of future domestic violence*:

  • Survivors rate the filing of a protection order as one of the two most effective tools for stopping domestic violence, second only to separating from the abuser.**
  • In one study, 83% of survivors represented by an attorney successfully obtained a protection order, versus 32% that did not have an attorney.***
  • Legal representation is a proven tool to help reduce exposure to violence even where the court outcome us ultimately unfavorable to the survivor.****   

The limited availability of pro bono representation continues to be a significant challenge for survivors in Maine, but efforts are underway to change that. 

On October 28th and 29th, the Volunteer Lawyers Project, in partnership with MCEDV, Through These Doors, and other community partners, is offering a free training at the Portland District Court for attorneys interested in providing pro bono representation in protection from abuse cases or serving as a pro bono Guardian Ad Litem in family court cases that involve domestic violence and children. 

Registration is required. If you are interested in learning more, or the October dates don’t work but you would like information on other training opportunities, please contact Andrea Mancuso at [email protected].

*”Supporting Survivors: The Economic Benefits of Providing Civil Legal Assistance to Survivors of Domestic Violence,” Institute for Policy Integrity, 2015. Available at: