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Maine Domestic Violence Service Data

MCEDV Highlights from 2015


From the Resource Center Network

Helping Where It's Needed Most

  • 13,280 people (12,781 adults and 499 children) used our services.
  • There were 35,999 calls made to DVRC helplines.
  • 673 people were sheltered, for a total of 29,728 bed-nights. Of those sheltered, 410 were adults and 263 were children.
  • 2,317 survivors involved with Child Protective Services received assistance from specialized domestic violence advocates placed in CPS offices.
  • MCEDV legal advocates and attorneys provided more than 17,170 hours of legal advocacy, working with  3,900 people statewide.
  • 95 victims of commercial sex trafficking accessed help—including shelter, legal advocacy and case management—through the DVRC network.

Preventing Future Violence

MCEDV resource centers provided prevention education and training programs for schools, employers, health systems, faith communities and others throughout Maine.

  • 40,174 youth participated in 2,297 education presentations.
  • 15,949 adults participated in 1,202 training/education events.
  • 1,142 local public awareness events were held.


From the Statewide Office 

Training and Education: MCEDV’s Coalition staff provided training for 2235 individuals through 51 presentations and events, building Maine’s capacity to respond to domestic violence.

Trafficking Response: MCEDV served on the Attorney General’s Task Force on Human Trafficking and as a partner in the Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network, to address the growing issue of trafficking in our state.

DV-CPS Program: Domestic violence resource center advocates expanded their decades-long collaboration with Child Protective Services by forming multi-abuse trauma response teams with mental health and substance abuse professionals. MCEDV hosted three days of training for the teams, providing a pathway toward addressing the increasingly complex needs of survivors involved with CPS.

Addressing Strangulation: As part of the Coalition’s ongoing efforts to reduce Maine’s rate of domestic violence homicide, MCEDV hosted a statewide conference featuring Gael Strack and Dr. Ralph Riviello of the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention. Strack and Riviello are the leading experts on the topic of domestic violence strangulation, and trained nearly 100 law enforcement officers, advocates and health care professionals.