MCEDV is Hiring: Grants & Development Director

MCEDV is Hiring: Grants & Development Director

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence (MCEDV) seeks a full-time Grants and Development Director.
Salary Range: $59,500 – $80,500
Work Hours: Flexible, but usually 9 to 5, Monday through Friday
Location: Based in home office with travel to Augusta at least weekly and as needed
Travel: Statewide and Occasional Out-of-State
Supervisor: Executive Director

 MCEDV Mission
The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence (MCEDV) mobilizes collaborative community action with and on behalf of a statewide network of Domestic Violence Resource Centers to ensure that all people affected by domestic abuse and violence in Maine are restored to safety and that perpetrators are held accountable. MCEDV builds partnerships that promote public policy, education, and systems advocacy to create and encourage a social, political, and economic environment that fosters communities where the diversity, dignity, and contributions of all are respected and celebrated, and domestic abuse and violence no longer exist.

Position Purpose and Overview
The Grants and Development Director provides leadership to ensure that MCEDV and its membership thrive in a context of abundance, with the financial resources sufficient to achieve our collective mission. The Director, in consultation with the Board of Directors and MCEDV staff, creates the overarching agency development plan. The Director is responsible for identifying and writing grants to secure funds from both government and private entities and pursuing private funding with these goals: (1) building Maine’s movement to end domestic abuse, (2) decreasing reliance on government grants, (3) minimizing competition among allied organizations, and (4) maximizing benefit for the whole, seeking the broadest support from our membership to inform the planning and implementation of our resource development work. Development responsibilities include externally focused messaging to engage and inform donors, promoting public understanding of the impact of MCEDV and its membership.

MCEDV is committed to working toward a better appreciation of the spectrum of what safety means to survivors across communities, and allocate our time, resources, and advocacy efforts in a way that better positions us to help all survivors access what they need to attain safety and thrive. We have a solid foundation in social justice work and aspire to do better. The Grants and Development Director will be a key member of the MCEDV team in this work, which is a commitment and journey requiring full staff engagement, implicating all aspects of our work.

Work Performed / Position Responsibilities
Grant Writing and Reporting :
MCEDV relies on grants from both government and private foundations to fund its work and to pass through to its membership. The Grants and Development Director will:

  1. Identify potential federal and private grants to fund the work required to accomplish MCEDV’s strategic goals in alignment with is mission and values.
  2. Identify and cultivate relationships with private foundations to fund and thus increase proportion of statewide efforts to end domestic abuse and violence that are supported with non-governmental funds.
  3. Identify, convene, and communicate with grant partners in the development of grant scope, narrative, and budget to ensure strong collaboration and clarity of purpose and roles.
  4. Write and submit grants on behalf of MCEDV.
  5. Sustain and implement calendar of grant submission and reporting dates, engaging co-workers and grant partners to ensure timely and effective grant management.

MCEDV has grown substantially in recent years and has attracted a core of donors whose major gifts have enabled MCEDV to expand resources for survivors to overcome barriers to liberation and for MCEDV to establish an endowment. The Grants and Development Director’s focus in communications with both the membership and external partners is focused on public awareness and financial development related content. Close collaboration with the Education and Communication and Public Policy Directors is essential to ensure consistency of messaging and alignment of mission and public policy goals. The Grants and Development Director will:

  1. Educate the philanthropic community and public at large about the work of MCEDV.
  2. Identify and cultivate potential allies and donors for the purpose of growing philanthropic contributions.
  3. Promote understanding of domestic abuse and violence, including the connection between economic security and “safety.”
  4. Build, enhance, and supervise MCEDV’s Data Systems Specialist in maintaining the agency’s donor management system through Coalition Manager software, including maintenance of the various contact lists for communications.
  5. Create meaningful acknowledgements and stewardship plans for donors.
  6. Work with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to create an achievable development plan, consistent with MCEDV’s fiscal engagement and management framing document.
  7. Coordinate events organized for the purpose of community and donor engagement, such as the annual meeting.
  8. Collaborate with the MCEDV staff and membership to create compelling content focused on building public and donor engagement, including but not limited to the organization’s quarterly public-facing newsletter, annual report, and website, and social media content created in concert with the Education & Communications Director.
  9. Provide support to community members and allies who initiate events to raise funds for MCEDV’s work.
  10. Collaborate with MCEDV’s Education and Communications Director in promoting and enhancing the MCEDV brand, including oversight of outward-facing documents, templates for written materials, and creation of materials for distribution.

Training Institute: 
Training and education are crucial elements of MCEDV’s community awareness and prevention services, as well as essential for the provision of high-quality program services. MCEDV provides training and education activities for the member programs, for community professionals, and for the public. All staff is involved in training and education within their content specialty areas.  The Grants and Development Director’s role in the Training Institute include:

  1. Training and technical assistance to member programs in grant writing and resource development;
  2. Identifying potential funding sources for training and technical assistance initiatives and writing or providing support to staff writing grant proposals.

Special Projects:
In alignment with its mission, MCEDV often initiates special projects to support systems change advocacy, including the development of public policy, training programs, prevention and intervention services, and quality assurance mechanisms. The Director will engage in special projects and other duties to meet the ongoing need of the organization at the direction of the Executive Director.

Qualifications and Skills
We seek candidates who:

  1. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in related field as well as 5 years’ experience and demonstrated competence in the areas covered by the job description.
  2. Have comprehensive understanding of domestic abuse and violence through advocacy or personal experience and have completed MCEDV’s Core Advocacy, Intervention, Response, and Ethics Training prior to or within the first year of employment with MCEDV.
  3. The successful applicant for Grants and Development Director will:
    • Understand and be committed to issues of diversity and demonstrate the ability to work in a multicultural environment;
    • Research, analyze, and present information effectively;
    • Listen and respond effectively to membership concerns and needs;
    • Demonstrate ability to engage, inform, and support committees in accomplishing shared social change and advocacy goals;
    • Communicate verbally in a clear and persuasive manner; and
    • Possess excellent writing skills.

Additional Requirements

  1. The results of a thorough background check, including a State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) check, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Abuse and Neglect investigation, and Motor Vehicle Check, must not contain any disqualifying information.
  2. Background screening will be conducted in compliance with all governing laws.
  3. Experience with a variety of software applications including but not limited to database programs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Office 365 programs;
  4. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail;
  5. Appropriate conflict resolution methods which lead to positive solutions;
  6. Time management skills;
  7. Ability to maintain and preserve confidentiality;
  8. Ability to provide own transportation (fully insured vehicle), provide proof of and maintain a valid driver’s license, and compliance with Maine law regarding vehicle insurance;
  9. Ability to work cooperatively with a variety of people as well as independently with minimal supervision;
  10. Ability to successfully manage prioritization of tasks related to multiple projects; and
  11. Willingness and ability to travel in-state and out-of-state as needed

 Physical Requirements and Working Conditions
Must be able to:

  1. Manage a fast-paced office environment with the potential for stress;
  2. Drive and be available for occasional travel to meetings;
  3. Work a flexible schedule when required by work demands;
  4. Do occasional lifting and transporting of materials.

How to Apply
MCEDV is committed to the principles of equity and inclusiveness and affirmatively seeks to create and maintain a diverse team with varied life experience to best accomplish our mission. MCEDV is an Equal Opportunity employer. We encourage people who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), LGBTQ+, and/or have lived experience of immigration, domestic violence, disability, and poverty to apply.

Send resume and cover letter describing how your experience and skills align with the job responsibilities and required skills in a single document via e-mail with “GDD application” in the subject line to [email protected].

Questions about the job and MCEDV may be directed to Francine Stark, Executive Director at [email protected].

Applications are due October 20, 2021 with anticipated start date of December 1, 2021.