Accepting Applications Until 5/11 for Justice Systems Engagement Coordinator

Accepting Applications Until 5/11 for Justice Systems Engagement Coordinator

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence (MCEDV) seeks a full-time Justice Systems Engagement Coordinator

Salary Range: $52,000 – $72,500
Work Hours: Flexible, but usually 9 to 5, Monday through Friday
Location: Based in home office with travel to MCEDV office in Augusta as needed
Travel: Statewide and Occasional Out-of-State
Supervisor: Training Institute Director

MCEDV Mission
The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence (MCEDV) mobilizes collaborative community action with and on behalf of a statewide network of Domestic Violence Resource Centers to ensure that all people affected by domestic abuse and violence in Maine are restored to safety and that perpetrators are held accountable. MCEDV builds partnerships that promote public policy, education, and systems advocacy to create and encourage a social, political, and economic environment that fosters communities where the diversity, dignity, and contributions of all are respected and celebrated, and domestic abuse and violence no longer exist.

Position Purpose and Overview
The Justice Systems Engagement Coordinator ensures the development and effective implementation of MCEDV’s programming related to the criminal legal system response to domestic and dating abuse and violence, sex trafficking, child abuse, and elder abuse. This programming includes a range of activities designed to increase crime victim safety and ensure appropriate interventions to hold those who commit domestic violence crimes accountable for their actions. MCEDV envisions ‘public safety’ as a broad concept that includes attention to the ability of all persons to thrive and live free of oppression. Achieving justice may include criminal interventions, but ultimately, absent transformation of the individual and social framework of beliefs that privilege the rights of some over those of others, survivors will not experience justice. The Coordinator’s work will primarily focus on training and systems advocacy related to the criminal legal system.

Work Performed/Position Responsibilities 

Training Institute:

The MCEDV Training Institute refers to a cohort of qualified trainers made up of MCEDV staff, member program staff, and community partners who provide training programs developed or sponsored by MCEDV. Training is a crucial element of MCEDV’s work, and it is essential for the provision of high-quality programs and services to foster culture change to end domestic violence. MCEDV provides training for its member programs, community professionals, and the public. The Training Institute Director has overall responsibility for coordinating the full range of trainings that MCEDV offers. However, all staff members engage in training and education within their content specialty areas. The Justice Systems Engagement Coordinator provides specialized consultation, training, and technical assistance for criminal legal system professionals and for advocates who interface with the criminal legal system. Responsibilities include:

  1. Development and implementation of training-the-trainers and mentorship system to support statewide training capacity to deliver high quality training programs;
  2. Engaging a cohort of trainers available to deliver these specialized curricula:
    • Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP)
    • Recruit Troop Training (RTT)
    • Basic Corrections Training Program (BCTP)
    • Ranger Academy
    • School Resource Officer Training Program
    • Ontario Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment (ODARA)
    • Victim Assistance Academy
  3. Participation in ongoing strategic thinking regarding collaboration between MCEDV and the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) in assessing the content, format, delivery teams, quality, and quantity of law enforcement directed training efforts statewide and locally.
  4. Proficiency in all MCEDV Training Institute curricula, ensuring continuity across common content areas, and presenting various curricula as part of the Training Institute team of trainers.
  5. Collaboration with the Training Institute Director in the development of MCEDV’s annual training review, evaluation, planning, and budget.

Systems Advocacy:

Systems advocacy is an approach that seeks to understand and change the way institutions are organized to intervene in people’s lives so that these institutions may better meet the needs of people and prevent unwanted and unhelpful outcomes. The concept of fostering a coordinated community response to abuse and violence is a framework in which systems advocacy is essential to bring deep understanding and innovative solutions to the work of improving how each community sector is responsive to abuse and violence. Development and implementation of policies and best practices are key components of systems advocacy, often accomplished through collaborative initiatives. The Justice Systems Engagement Coordinator supports MCEDV’s work with the criminal legal system, including:

  1. Researching and maintaining information and best practice resources specific to the criminal legal system, including law enforcement, prosecution, courts, and corrections.
  2. Development of systems to ensure implementation of Maine’s criminal statutes related to domestic violence crimes that centers safety and access to transformative justice.
  3. Providing technical assistance and serving on collaborative teams regarding cross-system issues involving health care, the legal system, certified intervention programs for those who use abuse, restorative justice, and advocacy services, including attention to these systems as employers.
  4. Providing technical assistance to MCEDV member programs in the establishment, enhancement, and maintenance of collaborative initiatives linking domestic violence resource center advocacy with the criminal legal system.

Special Projects:

In alignment with its mission, MCEDV often initiates special projects to support systems change advocacy, including the development of public policy, training programs, prevention and intervention services, and quality assurance mechanisms. The Coordinator will engage in special projects and other duties to meet MCEDV’s needs at the direction of the Training Institute Director.

Qualifications and Skills
We seek candidates who:

  1. Have a Bachelor’s Degree in related field as well as 5 years’ experience and demonstrated competence in the areas covered by the job description.
  2. Have comprehensive understanding of domestic abuse and violence through advocacy or personal experience and have completed MCEDV’s Core Advocacy, Intervention, Response, and Ethics Training prior to or within the first year of employment with MCEDV.

The successful applicant will:

  1. Understand and be committed to issues of diversity and demonstrate the ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  2. Research, analyze, and present information effectively;
  3. Listen and respond effectively to membership concerns and needs;
  4. Demonstrate ability to engage, inform, and support committees in accomplishing shared social change and advocacy goals;
  5. Communicate verbally in a clear and persuasive manner;
  6. Demonstrate ability to develop curricula and performance measures; and
  7. Possess excellent writing and presentation skills.

Additional Requirements

  1. The results of a thorough background check, including a State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) check, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Abuse and Neglect investigation, and Motor Vehicle Check, must not contain any disqualifying information. Background screening will be conducted in compliance with all governing laws.
  2. Experience with a variety of software applications, including but not limited to database programs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Office 365 programs;
  3. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail;
  4. Appropriate conflict resolution methods which lead to positive solutions;
  5. Time management skills;
  6. Ability to maintain and preserve confidentiality;
  7. Ability to provide own transportation (fully insured vehicle), provide proof of and maintain a valid driver’s license, and compliance with Maine law regarding vehicle insurance;
  8. Ability to work cooperatively with a variety of people as well as independently with minimal supervision;
  9. Ability to successfully manage prioritization of tasks related to multiple projects; and
  10. Willingness and ability to travel in-state and out-of-state as needed .

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions

  1. Must be able to manage a fast-paced office environment with the potential for stress;
  2. Must be able to drive and be available for occasional travel to meetings;
  3. Must be able to work a flexible schedule when required by work demands;
  4. Must be able to do occasional lifting and transporting of materials.

How to Apply
MCEDV is committed to the principles of equity and inclusiveness and affirmatively seeks to create and maintain a diverse team with varied life experience to best accomplish our mission. MCEDV is an Equal Opportunity employer. We encourage people who are BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color), LGBTQ+, and/or have lived experience of immigration, domestic violence, disability, and poverty to apply.

Send resume and cover letter describing how your experience and skills align with the job responsibilities and required skills in a single document via e-mail with “JSEC application” in the subject line to [email protected].

Questions about the job and MCEDV may be directed to Francine Stark, Executive Director at [email protected].

Applications due May 11, 2022, with anticipated start date early/mid-June.