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Maine Panel Releases 11th Biennial Report, “On the Path of Prevention”

Maine Panel Releases 11th Biennial Report, “On the Path of Prevention”

July 1, 2016

The mission of the Maine Domestic Violence Homicide Review Panel is to identify ways to strengthen our systems’ and institutions’ responses to domestic violence. Every two years, the Panel—comprised of partners from across community sectors—issues a report, detailing their findings.

On June 27th, 2016, the Panel held a press event to release its 11th Biennial report, titled “On the Path of Prevention.”

MCEDV Executive Director Francine Garland Stark, a member of the Panel, joined Governor Paul LePage and Attorney General Janet Mills in speaking at the event. “I think part of what is so difficult, and has historically been so difficult, is for victims of domestic violence to communicate how afraid they are and how violent this person has been when no one’s watching,” said Stark. “I think we have a tendency as a society as a whole to minimize this type of violence when we should be responding with a heightened level of concern.”

The report emphasizes the importance of paying attention to warning signs for lethality, including “suicidality, stalking and strangulation.” The Panel reviewed 16 cases for this report, and in every one of them the perpetrator exhibited one or more of these tactics in the time leading up to the homicide. Learning to identify high risk behaviors that indicate potential for homicide is essential.

Read the full report here.