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MCEDV Unveils New Mission Statement

MCEDV Unveils New Mission Statement

October 19, 2016

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence held its annual meeting on October 18 in Augusta. In addition to the business of affirming the candidates and officers for the Board of Directors, the Coalition unveiled a new, updated mission statement. That mission statement is as follows:

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence (MCEDV) mobilizes collaborative community action with and on behalf of a statewide network of Domestic Violence Resource Centers to ensure that all people affected by domestic abuse and violence in Maine are restored to safety and that perpetrators are held accountable. MCEDV builds partnerships that promote public policy, education, and systems advocacy to create and encourage a social, political, and economic environment that fosters communities where the diversity, dignity, and contributions of all are respected and celebrated, and domestic abuse and violence no longer exist.


MCEDV Board Chair Amanda Cost addresses the group gathered for the annual meeting.


MCEDV Board Secretary Melody Fitch presents the new mission statement.