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October 2017 Training Opportunities for Social Workers

October 2017 Training Opportunities for Social Workers

September 19, 2017

We have partnered with our friends at the Maine Chapter of NASW to deliver training on Domestic Violence/Interpersonal Violence & Ethics.  This class will provide 4 continuing education units, which will satisfy credits toward both domestic violence and ethics requirements for social work licensure.

Join us for a panel discussion to include DV Advocates, Social Work Clinicians & Trauma informed practitioners. Working with clients who are experiencing or perpetrating domestic abuse presents unique challenges, both from a client-care perspective and from an ethical one. How can I best support a client who is being victimized? What do I do if I suspect my client is abusive?  What are my ethical obligations, and what is my appropriate role? A panel of experts in the fields of both social work and domestic violence advocacy will explore these and other questions, and will provide insight into how social workers and advocates can work together to effectively address the problem of domestic abuse and violence.

The panel will discuss the following points:

  • Myths associated with DV and interventions as they relate to therapy
  • Ethics and batterers intervention
  • Ethics and trauma informed therapy as they relate to DV
  • How DV advocates and social workers can work together to be effective.

These classes will be offered at the following locations throughout the State during the month of October:

Augusta - Kaplan University on Friday October 13, 9am – 1:15pm.

Presque Isle – Northern Maine Community College on Friday October 20, 9am – 1:15pm.   

Portland - University Southern Maine, 102 Wishcamper on Friday October 27, 9am – 1:15pm. 

NASW is handling registrations and logistics. For more information and to register, please contact  the ME Chapter of NASW at 622-7592.