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School-Based Education

MCEDV and Maine’s domestic violence resource centers recognize the importance of an informed, proactive school response to teen dating abuse.

Additionally, we are committed to creating larger culture change that will support schools and communities in preventing future violence. In FY 2013, 39,973 Maine youth participated in dating violence/healthy relationship education, provided by MCEDV member resource centers.

School-Based Education & Prevention

Each local resource center offers programming to educate and inform youth and adults about teen dating abuse and healthy relationships. They work with local school districts to offer support for teachers and school staff, and provide referral resources for services to victims of dating and/or domestic violence and their families.

Policy Development

MCEDV is an active participant in the Legislative Resolve 1105, An Act To Establish a Model Dating Violence Prevention Policy, which directs a statewide study group to create recommendations for a model Dating Violence Policy. MCEDV’s role is to provide information that will inform the policy development process.

Please contact MCEDV and/or your local domestic violence resource center for further information on training and education options for schools and school personnel. For information on culturally and linguistically specific consultation, please refer to the Domestic Violence Resources in Maine page to see a list of additional resources.