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MCEDV has been working steadily for 40 years to end abuse in Maine. In that time, we have created real change.  

When you donate, you allow us to move our mission forward by: 

  • Advocating for policies that will help survivors of violence, hold abusive people to account, and create social change to end abuse. Recent successes include the 2022 law making Maine’s Protection from Abuse Statute easier to understand and navigate for survivors seeking safety, and the 2017 law directing judges to view Domestic Violence Intervention Programs as the first choice of interventions for domestic violence offenders. 
  • Providing domestic violence survivors with access to critical resources and immediate relief to increase their safety and financial stability. Every dollar contributed to our Liberation Fund directly helps create a path toward a life free from violence for Maine survivors and their children. 
  • Providing technical assistance and learning opportunities for Maine’s Domestic Violence Resource Center advocates and others working with survivors of domestic abuse. Our members serve 13,000 people each year. We help them do the best work they can do. 
  • Increasing the public’s understanding of the factors that drive domestic abuse and how they can join the movement to end domestic violence and abuse. 

These are just a few examples of the work we do out of our coalition office. None of it happens in isolation. Rather, we have an impact because of community members like you who donate. Our work together is not over. 

About the Liberation Fund: 

For a survivor of domestic abuse, just one expense – no matter the amount – can be a barrier when trying to move toward safety and freedom. Whether it’s a tank of gas, an unexpected house repair, or a home security camera, the Liberation Fund provides DVRCs the ability to cover expenses that other funding sources cannot. In 2021, the Liberation Fund provided over $155,000 in direct financial assistance to survivors across Maine, covering expenses like: 

  • Moving expenses, heating oil, security cameras, and more 
  • Hotel, motel, and campground sheltering 
  • Transportation, including gas cards, car repairs, and bus or airline tickets 
  • Attorney’s fees for complex Protection from Abuse orders, family matters cases, and more 
  • Continued education, including GED credentials and tuition reimbursement 
  • Internet access, cell phones and minutes 
  • Other personal and basic household necessities 

To learn more about how the Liberation Fund has been helping survivors, please take a look at our most recent report. By donating to the Liberation Fund, you can make an immediate difference, and no amount is too small to help change a life. Be sure to indicate “Liberation Fund” when you make an online donation and every dollar will go toward liberating survivors of domestic abuse in Maine.

 “I’m reaching out to express my gratitude for the willingness to help cover my portion of the cost of the guardian at litem..For a while I didn’t feel worthy of receiving help… One day I too want to help women/children who have experienced abuse. I know I can make a difference. Again thank you so very much for helping my daughter and me. It means a lot.” – Liberation Fund recipient.
“Thank you for the funds that made this possible. It makes such a difference to families to have the things they need to live with dignity and comfort and to experience the kindness and care of others.” – DVRC advocate



Thank you for your support of our mission! Donations to MCEDV are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.