Connecting People, Creating
Frameworks For Change.


The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence works to end domestic abuse, dating abuse, stalking, elder abuse, and commercial sex trafficking. We were founded in 1977 by local domestic violence advocates working in communities across the state, who saw a need to have a unified voice in policy discussions in Augusta. For nearly 50 years, we have created change in how Mainers understand and respond to abuse.

Today, we serve our network of ten members with training, technical assistance, and administrative support, helping them do the best work they can for abuse survivors. We provide support for state-level partners as they respond to abuse, create frameworks to inform the public’s understanding about the issue and advocate in both the Maine legislature and in Washington D.C. for policies that will hold abusive people to account and keep survivors safe, particularly those who have been most marginalized.

MCEDV works closely with our members, which offer supportive services for people impacted by abuse and pursue prevention and public education initiatives nested in local communities throughout the state. Their advocates are available 24 hours a day at 1-866-834-HELP or via their own direct numbers.

We believe that to end domestic abuse and violence, we must end all forms of oppression. We strive to help communities in Maine understand the intersections between domestic abuse and other issues playing out in survivors’ lives every day. We ground our work in the experiences and voices of the survivors who have built our movement. We are committed to creating a world where domestic abuse and other oppressive conditions do not exist and where the diversity, dignity, and contributions of all are respected and celebrated.