Connecting People, Creating
Frameworks For Change.

About Member Services

Our nine members work in communities across the state to provide direct support to people affected by domestic abuse and violence, and to improve the ways our communities and institutions respond to abuse. Supporting their efforts is a core component of MCEDV’s mission.

This close partnership benefits us all. We rely on our members to shape our policy, training and awareness-raising priorities. Their experiences with survivors in communities across Maine deeply informs our work at the Coalition office.

Services we provide for our members include:

  • Administrative Support – As funding administrator, we work with our subrecipients to meet requirements for reporting and financial oversight required by our federal funders.
  • Technical Assistance – Coalition staff provides regular consultations to advocates with the member programs. We answer questions and connect advocates in Maine with emerging information and national trends.
  • Trainings – Our series of Advocacy Days trainings builds the capacity of Maine’s domestic violence advocates to do excellent work. Recent training topics have included:
    • Changes in the civil legal system
    • Working effectively with court interpreters
    • Trends is risk assessment & high risk response
    • LGBTQ+ cultural competency
    • Responding to faith-affiliated survivors
    • Organizing our work for social change
    • Advanced support group facilitation
  • Working Group Coordination – MCEDV provides logistical support and coordination for groups of specialized advocates from across the state as they address specific topics, including:
    • Prevention and public awareness
    • Partnering with the child welfare system
    • Response to non-fatal strangulation
    • Commercial sex trafficking
    • Strategies for high addressing risk offenders
  • Curriculum Development – Examples of our curriculum development include a revision of the mandatory new advocate training that is used by our members throughout the state, and the development of content which will meet the 2020 domestic violence training requirements for behavioral health professionals.

About Member Services