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Domestic Violence Awareness

Traditionally, domestic violence has been a crime that thrived in the shadows.

Abuse was considered a private household matter, something we shouldn’t talk about. And because we didn’t talk about it, victims went without help, and abusers went free of consequences.

We’ve come a long way.

Today there are civil and criminal penalties for abusers, and a network of supportive services for victims. There is widespread acceptance that abuse is wrong. There is also a growing understanding that the strain it puts on our social safety net hurts all of us.

We still have a way to go.

Myths about domestic abuse abound. Victims are still frequently blamed for what someone else has done to them. Evolving technology presents both new challenges and opportunities for victims. And too many people still don’t understand the help and services that are available to them.

MCEDV and Maine’s domestic violence resource centers are committed to fostering a community-wide response to domestic abuse. We work at the state and local levels to help Mainers understand the issue by holding events and rallies, and implementing awareness campaigns. We provide presentations and trainings for a range of audiences, including college classes, rotary clubs, and faith communities; we can tailor our presentation to fit the unique needs of the audience.  

To learn more, contact Regina Rooney at or 207.430.8334, or call your local domestic violence resource center.