Domestic Violence Action Month: Support the Liberation Fund & Invest in Freedom

Domestic Violence Action Month: Support the Liberation Fund & Invest in Freedom

This October, as part of Domestic Violence Action Month (DVAM), we are highlighting the Liberation Fund, which was established in 2020 to provide survivors with immediate access to services and resources that will help them establish a life free from abuse. This is our only funding source that can be used directly to support survivors, and with the flexibility to meet each survivor’s unique needs.

Many survivors who leave an abusive partner do so without the basic necessities that will allow them to provide for themselves and their children, such as clothing, food, and personal documents. Starting over can be further complicated when a survivor does not have furniture, appliances, or other items that help make a new house become a home. The Liberation Fund provides for these personal needs, offering survivors and their children with immediate relief and support.

Survivors who benefit from the Liberation Fund also receive a comprehensive array of support and resources through Maine’s Domestic Violence Resource Centers (DVRCs). DVRC advocates work closely with survivors to develop safety plans and reduce barriers that stand in the way of achieving safety. The Liberation Fund complements these services, enabling advocates to help in immediate and practical ways. This can be a key component of a survivor’s ability to enact their safety plan and establish freedom. Since 2020, more than 800 survivors across Maine have benefited from the Liberation Fund.

The Liberation Fund helps survivors by:

  • Purchasing used furniture and household items for a survivor who moved from homelessness into permanent housing after working with a DVRC for over a year to navigate housing options. This survivor had to start over completely after leaving all her belongings behind when she fled abuse.
  • Resolving credit issues for a survivor whose abuser did not pay the utility bills when she fled abuse, causing her credit rating to plummet.
  • Purchasing a grocery gift card for a survivor whose abuser had cut their access to the bank accounts.
  • Helping a survivor with diapers, formula, and clothing for her baby and some personal hygiene items and clothing for her after she had to leave her home without any belongings.
  • Covering legal fees to help a survivor retain an attorney throughout her divorce process.

“Receiving funding for a vehicle has been a gift of freedom. Being able to choose where I live, work, and travel freely will help with my independence, personal growth, and a brighter future without fear of being under an abuser’s control.” – Liberation Fund recipient

We invite you to make a difference to survivors of domestic abuse and their children by contributing to the Liberation Fund today. Every dollar we receive will be used to connect survivors to resources and services that will remove barriers standing in the way of establishing independence and a future free from violence. On average, survivors who access the Liberation Fund ask for help to overcome obstacles that cost less than $500 to resolve. By donating to the Liberation Fund, you can make an immediate difference, and no amount is too small to help change a life.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE ONLINE (be sure to specify Liberation Fund), or you can send a check to: Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, Attn: Liberation Fund, PO Box 5188, Augusta, ME 04332-5188. Contact us with any questions.

“Thank you for the funds that made this possible. It makes such a difference to families to have the things they need to live with dignity and comfort and to experience the kindness and care of others.” – DVRC advocate